mark + janelle

This is a little different that my usual blogs. For this session, I wanted to step a little outside my box and try a few new things. Spread my wings a bit and have some fun. These two I know. Mark is my big brother, and is getting married to this incredible girl, Janelle. We actually did a super-mini engagement session for them in December, when they officially got engaged. We went out to the actual spot where J said 'yes' in Hawaii and made sure to capture a few photos in the moment. It was really special, but for me, I wanted the chance to take them out for an evening and get photographs that were simply 'them'. In their home-town, on their own turf. Mark has lived in Vancouver for over 10 years, creating music and loving the city. Janelle grew up here, and thankfully crossed paths with my brother many moons ago, and here we are today with just a few months left before they get married.

I've created a slideshow of this session, so I hope you enjoy. Marko and J, I adore you two and thank you so much for entrusting me with being your photographer. xo

Mark+Janelle from Janelle Morcombe on Vimeo.


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