me + you

Yesterday was our anniversary. And as per usual, I did a lot of tearing up (good tears), and enjoyed being spoiled by my hubby. And I definitely cranked up the spoil-o-dometer myself this year! I did my very best to transform our backyard into a romantic dinner for two using the candles, rocks and beads from our wedding (what else am I going to do with a zillion blue fish tank rocks and matching beads). I cooked up a roast chicken (thanks to helpful instructions from my momma!) and stuffing (thanks to helpful instructions from Ry's momma!) for dinner, and as my little brother would say, 'I nailed it'!We enjoyed the bottle of local Okanagan Poplar Grove wine compliments of Ry's family, as well as some bubbly, so that we could use our wedding champagne flutes. But the tears definitely started to flow when I pulled out my laptop. When I was planning our day this past week, I thought it would be so great to have the chance to go through our wedding photos together. Dave Stobbe, an incredible photographer from Saskatoon (and a great friend) was our wedding photog. He did such an amazing job of capturing our wedding, that I thought I would use my new slideshow skills to create our own slideshow! So, if you want, you can check it out here.

We were so lucky to be married at the incredible Quaaout Lodge Hotel in Chase, BC. Couldn't have asked for a better location... and all the help from friends and family completed our day perfectly.

To finish off this final post for this week, may I wish every bride and groom out there, as much help and fun planning their wedding as we had. Enjoy it. It only happens once...