nicole + doug engaged

I absolutely adore engagement sessions for many reasons. One, it gives me the opportunity to really get to know my clients as a couple. And secondly, it gives a newly engaged couple an hour to just spend in each others arms... in the flurry that is planning a wedding, a session like this can be a good reminder to take time to just 'be'. Sometimes it's easy to forget to make time for a cuddle, or a stop on the beach to watch the sunset, or to take an umbrella for a walk in the rain... life is crazy busy sometimes, and when you take a photo from your engagement session and frame it on the wall, it can be that reminder to take time to just be together... so I love engagement sessions. Yup, I just do. Up till this point, I had only met Nicole - this lovely, very sweet girl with these gorgeous eyes! And I couldn't wait to meet Doug, the guy that stole her heart...

The three of us finally met, and at first they were a little shy. But I love shy! It brought out some pretty cute giggles and sweet moments between them. And as our time went by the two of them settled into their groove, and I could see their relationship coming through the camera.

N + D, I had a great time meeting the both of you, and I can't wait for your wedding next summer. I hope you enjoy these photos, that will hopefully act as a reminder of exactly who you are together and the importance of a good snuggle!