our dad

As I sat there on my back deck sanding down my new/old side tables that I was planning to refinish, I was secretly hoping my dad would pop by and see me hard at work. I thought he'd be pretty impressed that his girl, who has always had an eye for cute shoes and sequins, was re-finishing furniture! In life, we should surround ourselves with people who make us strive to be better, who make us want to push the boundaries, who support us and encourage us to never stop learning and never stop trying to become the best version of ourselves. I really lucked out, as my dad is exactly that person in my life.

And he does all of this without words. My dad was never the dad to grab me after a competition and talk to me about what I could've done better. He was never the dad to tell me what he thought I should've done. He has let me make my choices in life, good or bad, right or wrong, and he has always been there to give me a hug afterwards. I couldn't have asked for a better guide in life...

From both of your girls, we love you from all the way down in our toes, dad. Happy fathers day. xo