Patricia + bill engaged

Stealing the last few moments of 'fall', we went for a walk through the leaves.  The clouds were hanging low, birds were in the sky and there was a definite crispness in the air. Patricia and Bill are getting married this coming summer, and I always encourage all of the couples that I photograph to do a little 'engagement session' prior to the wedding. We headed out so I could steal a few images of them just being together... Patricia is this lovely woman who has a soft, beautiful soul that is easy to see.  And Bill? I really like Bill. He says it like it is, and I like that very much. Together, they are a real, respectful, loving couple, and I appreciate that even though I can see their love is big, it is also down-to-earth and realistic.

For their engagement session, we kept it simple and casual. As we walked along the lake, I asked them to just be themselves and I would simply photograph it. With a little direction, a bit of encouragement and a few nervous laughs, we were on our way. Thank you two for entrusting me to be your photographer, and I am really looking forward to summer!

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