Pike Street Blues

Travelling is definitely one of my great loves, and this past 2 weeks, I was able to stretch my legs and go across the world. Work was done, the car was packed, and instead of waiting until the wee hours of the morning to leave (which was the plan), Ry and my mom convinced me to leave that night...just in case. Just in case what? Well, let me tell you.

We leave, and all goes fairly well. We get to Seattle at midnight. We're tired, we're excited, we're hungry, and we finally get off the crazy, almost killed us, I5.

All we can find (without a map) is a McDonalds. We order 4 $1 cheeseburgers and go to bed. Where? Well, since 'the plan' was to leave the next morning, we slept in the first class comfort of our front car seats. Ahhhh, yes. Classy.

We twist and turn until 6am the next morning and I am just so excited to finally see Seattle. Ryan reluctantly drives me back down the I5 to the downtown area of Seattle. Off we head to try and find the Pike Street fish market, now with a gas station Seattle map.

For those of you who don't recall what those maps are like, they are HUGE. That thing, when opened, was the span of the whole width of the car. How was I supposed to read that thing! Poor Ry hadn't even had a coffee yet, and he's got me folding this enormous map out, crunching and crinkling, giving no real help or insight into where we are going.

But we made it! We found the comfort of a little coffee shop just up from the market where we enjoyed Seattle's Best Coffee. Great books lined the shelves, coffee bean sacs on the walls, and a barista who made sure we got the breakfast sandwich we were craving.

We do the tourist thing and head to the fish market. We saw the fish, we saw the flowers, we saw the fresh veggies. We decide to walk around the block before heading back down the I5 to the airport, coming across some funky grafitti, angled streets and alleyways.

And here's when the fun really started. As we're heading out of downtown, needing to get to the airport, Ry noticed that the car heat is really starting to creep up. We figure, well maybe it'll calm down once we get going. But unfortunately, that just made it oh, so worse. The gauge got so hot it may as well of fallen off the meter! We had to pull off the road, so we take the next exit possible, which begins to lead us.... to the docks. To the ferries. Oh, good. We FINALLY find a spot to pull over before getting docked onto a ferry, and as Ry opens the hood of the car, a lovely poof of smoke jumps into the air.

We aren't going to make it, are we?

Throughout the following 45 minutes, I had a lump in my throat the size of a basketball. I figured if anyone asked me a question, all they would have gotten was an answer of sobs. Good thing no one was around but us and the birds....

Ry came to the rescue with finding a water hose behind some random building. The radiator fluid container was totally dry. What?! Yes. Thankfully, nothing had blown up completely, so we filled that sucker up with water, crossed our fingers, and tried to find our way out of this ferry exit, back to the I5, and to the airport before we missed our flight to Barcelona. And that is what we did.

Stay tuned for Barcelona pics and tales over the next couple days!