rainy day weddings

June in the okanagan is supposed to be warm, sun-kissed, and beautiful. But as I'm sure we all noticed, this past month has been spattered with rain, thunder, more rain, wind, and the odd heavenly sunny day. And all those June brides were probably staring out the window of their hotel room wishing upon wish that the rain would stop. But, there isn't much we can do about the weather, and thankfully, there is a lot we can do to still have fun in the rain on a wedding day!

A couple hints of things to remember to pack, 'just in case'!

A beautiful umbrella, and if you use a white/clear/sheer one, it will still let the light come through, which will make for stunning photographs.

Cute booties! If you want those outdoor photos, you'd better pack some comfies that will outlast the rain! These beauties are fun, stylish and effective on the wettest of days.

And to finish off this love-of-rain post, this is a little walk down memory lane. Sinead + Brett were one of the first few couples I photographed way back when in (I think) 2005! And yes, their day was rainy, but we grabbed an umbrella and had a fabulous time.