random find!

I love etsy. I especially love it when I come across local Etsy stores. And I even more especially love it when its something to do with weddings, 'cause y'all know how much I love weddings! The store is called My Amber Coloured World and Amber B from Kelowna creates something that can make or break your wedding dress photo! The hanger. Such a simple item and something easy to forget, but oh, so important. I've gone to weddings where the dress is on a plastic hanger and I am frantically searching for a way to hang the dress 'sans' hanger. Not easy. And I've also come to weddings where they bought a fancy hanger for the day of, but the dress was too heavy to stay hung (aka. no notches on the hanger).

So, check out this fab local find and give your photographer peace of mind when it comes to the dress photos!