robin+cody engagement

Robin and Cody. Cody and Robin. No matter how you say it, it just fits. And once you meet these two, you'll know what I mean. Cute + super adorable.

I met them at Cody's family cabin on the lake for their engagement session. We were blessed with beautiful weather; the sun peaking through the clouds, just enough to glisten off the water.

We started out the session by heading out in the Thomas family row boat. I stayed on shore, but got some great pics of the lovebirds bobbing on the water.

Once Cody and Robin were back on shore, we did a little tour around the outskirts of the cabin. And wow. Did I mention how beautiful this girl is yet?!

And we had to get at least one family portrait with Murphy. If this isn't the cutest little puppy, I don't know which is.

I am so looking forward to shooting your wedding come August, and I hope you cherish every moment leading up to your wedding day!