romance inspiration

There are so many things that I consider romantic. The big gestures, the little gestures, making me coffee every morning, stealing me a piece of cake from work and bringing it home for me...

And sometimes there is something to be said about 'setting the mood' for romance. One simple and effective way to create a little love in the air, is by lighting a candle or two. My favorite candles being from Voluspa (my sister got me hooked on these a couple years ago when she gave me one as a gift). They are heaven-scent, they last forever, and they come in these adorable tins or beautiful glass containers. Light up one of these and add a few additional non-smelly candles around the room, and poof, romance!


Candles are also an amazing way to create a beautiful, romantic air during a wedding day. This candle-chandelier from Stew and Kirsty's wedding this past summer was adorable, and enhanced the candles adorned on the tables around the room.


I have yet to have the opportunity to photograph this, but one of my photo-dreams is photographing a wedding ceremony outdoors, just after sunset with a candlelit pathway to the groom. One day...


Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio