sechelt + sunshine

As I woke up to the smell of coffee perking in the kitchen, Rosie's little feet excitedly pacing across the floor, ocean air peeking through the windows, I felt I had awoken in a new world. Sechelt, I love you.

We arrived in the dark of the night. The arduous mid-afternoon drive from the Okanagan Valley to Van-city followed by a sleepy ferry ride into Langdale got us to our mini-vacation location; the Sunshine Coast. And I must say, the night travelling, even though challenging on the eyelids, is well worth it when you experience the feeling of waking up to new scenery. It's like sweet candy for the senses…

I am a lover of traveling. Ask my husband, and he will tell you. I can't get enough. We are always on the go! Whether it's across the world, an hour here, an hour there, I love to be 'somewhere'. See something new. Do something new. Taste something new. Always with my camera in hand!

Here on the coast, I was blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. The lush vegetation mixed with the salty air and the quaintness of the beach towns… it was just lovely. Add in some hikes through the forests, trips to cabins perched on the side of a lake, and some incredible gelato, I was in seventh heaven!

My travel recommendation to you, is to go! Book a little B+B, take your hiking shoes and plan to spoil your appetite with all the amazing treats each community has to offer! You will not regret…

Sunset off the Sunshine Coast
Loving the salt air breeze in the evenings
Hike through the forest to Skookumchuck Rapids, while Ryan (such a good husband) carries my camera bag!

Cool thing to see + do:

Hike to Skookumchuck Rapids

Gelato at Pier 17

Lunch at Ruby Lake Resort