silver icing + modot

I am all about stretchy pants. And when I was asked to photograph a fitness clothing company in West Kelowna, I of course jumped at the chance! MoDot is a mother/ daughter-run company located in the Vintage View Centre. Linda and Jill have been running the store for three years now, and have just begun to sell a line of eco-friendly clothing from Silver Icing. This was the line of clothes I was after for my shoot. Made with a lot of bamboo-based materials, these clothes feel incredibly soft to the touch, and I cannot wait to go back to Modot to try on a few pieces.

Silver Icing is based out of Vancouver, but sells their product in their online store as well as in many stores all over Canada and the U.S.  Here are just a few of the images from our shoot of Modot and the Silver Icing clothes! To see the full feature and read more about Modot, check it out HERE!