simple moments

Every year, my mom and I share this weekend between momma's day and my birthday. As a kid, I remember having a sleepover Saturday night. We'd wake up to mothers day with all the mom's coming to pick up their girls, and then us heading off to a picnic lunch in the park with fried chicken. This weekend wasn't too different. Saturday night, mom hosted a birthday party for me and Ry (Ryan's birthday is just 2 days before mine), and the following morn, headed out for brunch with the family.

All in all, a great weekend. During the eve of the party, I stole this photo of my mom playing 'name that tune' with Ella, my little 3 year old niece on the piano. Ella was loving every minute, and I think so was my mom. Even though all my mom's kids are grown up, she's still that amazing teacher, playmate, and fun momma at heart. Happy Mother's Day,