There are moments in everyone's life that stand out; that seem increasingly important. Moments that begin new chapters, moments that inspire, moments that tribute love and life. In this family's journey, this is the moment that both daughters will now be out following their own paths. Their youngest daughter has just graduated from highschool, and in only a matter of months, will be off starting university while their oldest will continue her climb towards her goals and her future. I am not a mother yet, so I don't understand what it is to see your children grow up and set out on their own, but I do know what it is to be a daughter and a sister. And as I look through these images, what I see is strength, poise and beauty. A respect for each other, and for themselves. And I can only imagine how proud the parents of these two must be.

For me, it is exciting to see such strong women just starting out in their careers and their lives. So, thank you for inviting me to capture these images, and I hope you enjoy.