stew + kirsty

I remember the e-mail popping up in my inbox as I was finishing up my morning e-mailing... and I thought, "is that 'Kirsty' Kirsty?!" Yes it was. Her and Stew were getting hitched, and I was so excited! I have known Kirsty for many moons. We first met when working together at the Kelowna Lululemon store when it first opened. That was seriously an amazing experience. We truly were a team, and the women that I met during that time still mean the world to me. Kirsty is still rockin' out at Lulu, being the Western Canadian Rep for the stores. She is amazing. She is this incredible business woman, she's bendy because of all the yoga, she's so fun, so sweet, and a serious catch.

And then there's Stew. Stew and Kirsty also met while working at a restaurant many years ago! Stew managed to 'woo' Kirsty into a few dates, which has grown into this great relationship. The two of them are both so ambitious and are always chasing their dreams. They have built a life together in the big city of Calgary, and are always out and about, whether its with work, with family or with friends. They are cherished by the people that know them, because that is also how they treat the people in their life. How they treat each other...

Don't get me wrong, these kids can be crazy and ridiculous, but always with big hearts.

S+K, I am so excited for your wedding this coming summer. Not only is it going to be a rockin' party, but it is going to be a celebration of a beautiful love. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of it!