stormee + ron engaged

Meeting up with Stormee and Ron for their engagement session turned out to be one of my fave's of the year. We had a really nice time traipsing through the fields, but I just really enjoyed my time getting to know these two. Ron has a very sweet, very soft demeanor about him. And Stormee is this absolutely adorable person with such a big heart. S+R are getting married this coming fall, and I know it is going to be a very special day. SR-engaged-1 SR-engaged-2 SR-engaged-4 SR-engaged-6 SR-engaged-7 SR-engaged-8 SR-engaged-10 SR-engaged-11 SR-engaged-12 SR-engaged-13 SR-engaged-15 SR-engaged-18 SR-engaged-19 SR-engaged-21 SR-engaged-22 SR-engaged-25 SR-engaged-26 SR-engaged-28 SR-engaged-29 SR-engaged-31 SR-engaged-32 SR-engaged-33 SR-engaged-34 SR-engaged-36 SR-engaged-38 SR-engaged-39 SR-engaged-40 SR-engaged-42