Sydnee + Carson Engaged

The laughing, the comfort, the ease. A boy obviously head-over-heels for the girl, and she adores him. They met just over a year ago, were engaged this past spring, and are now just over 2 months away from saying their marriage vows. To see love to clearly and so quickly is something special, and I feel lucky to be a part of their journey. I love doing engagement sessions. For me, it's a time to get to know the couple a little bit better. For the couple, it's a time to relax during the busy-ness that is planning a wedding. Of course, wedding planning is fun and exciting, but also can be a little stressful and challenging. So, to give them an hour to just snuggle and laugh, it helps to remind the couple to enjoy the process and appreciate each other for this day, the wedding day, and all those days to follow as husband and wife. Finding joy in all the little moments is what makes a marriage work, and as I was photographing Sydnee + Carson, I could see this happening in front of me. They were truly just enjoying each other presence. Thank you two for opening up to me and just being yourselves. I hope you enjoy your photographs.




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