Tamara + Cole Engaged

Gorgeous location - check. Gorgeous girl - check.

Handsome boy - check.

Sexy? Definitely.

Cute? Absolutely.

Meeting up with Tamara and Cole to do an engagement session turned out to be a pretty amazing night. I met them at a friend's property, and my photography juices immediately started flowing! There were probably a hundred different locations that I would have loved to try. I managed to narrow it down to...maybe 20 (they probably thought I was going to keep them there all night. lol)! We had only spoke via e-mail, so I was anxious to meet them in person. Not only were they both completely sweet, fun and a bit ridiculous, but Tamara is obviously a beautiful girl and Cole isn't so bad himself! Cole told me he was a bit nervous to be in front of the camera, but I couldn't tell at all. I think just being there with Tamara helped calm his nerves, because he rocked it!

They were engaged this past December, but aren't getting hitched till 2016, so this was something fun to do in the meantime to help celebrate the upcoming wedding. And I loved that Tamara thought to bring some celebratory balloons for a few photos! Getting engaged and deciding to marry someone is such a special moment, and definitely worthy of these colorful balloons.

Thank you two for inviting me to do this for you. I had a wonderful time with you, and it is easy to see the spark between you.

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