Tammy + Scott Engaged

This seems a little late coming, since these two have now been married for over 6 weeks, but we did their engagement session just a few days before their wedding. AND we were in Cuba where the internet services are not what we are used to here in Canada. So, their wedding happened, and those photos won over on the 'blog race'. Even though their wedding photos have been posted, I still wanted to share our mini-engagement.

Because it was just a few days prior to the wedding, we didn't take too much time, as we knew another photo session was just around the corner. Since we were in Cuba, we used the grounds of the resort as our backdrop and it was amazing.

I am always an advocate for engagement photos because I truly feel they give me an opportunity to get to know and appreciate the relationship of the couple. It allows me to get a feel for how they interact with each other, which then will give me a huge step up when it comes to the wedding day.

Thank you Scott and Tammy for being so amazing, and letting me steal you away from the beach for these photos!