Thankful for

Today is a special day. Little Miss Arianna turns 6 months... Beginning to write this post, I am flooded with all the memories that have brought us here. Needless to say, even though it has only been 6 months since she entered our lives, it feels like she's been here for forever.

Before becoming pregnant, before becoming a mom, I definitely had many thoughts of whether I was 'really' ready. Nervous about everything. Excited too, but I just knew that I wanted to be the best I could be for this little being, and I definitely had doubts.

But since the day she entered this world, I have never felt more connected to her and to Ryan. I 'thought' so much about it before, and now I simply 'do'. I remember sitting down one day and realizing how much my brain had changed. I used to be worried that I may not know what to do or that I wasn't prepared enough. And now, I am her mother. Period. I will be there for her. I will figure it out, one step at a time.

She is and always will be covered in love.

Happy 1/2 birthday my little love.