'the beautiful'

This was my text I sent my hubby yesterday afternoon. "I've got a pit in my stomach. How come you aren't here helping me today?! Gahhhh! I'm nervous" Before you think me awful, this was only a mere tease, because he and I both know he's hard at work at HIS job. As much as he is this huge support in my business, my 'assistant' has a real-life job that he does. So I knew when I booked my wedding style shoot for a Thursday, I would be on my own. But, the reason why I always feel so lucky when I do get him around, is because he knows me so well. I only need to shoot him a look, and he can read my mind as to what I need. Whether I need the extra batteries that are in HIS bag, or I am about to pass out from heat exhaustion if I don't get a water stat. He is the best support team I could ask for when shooting.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and I'm only going to say one little thing to him - 'Think of how much I love chocolate and pretty flowers and sequins and disney theme-songs, and then times that by a million. That is how much I love you."

Ok, enough gooey. Back to this styled shoot.

Yesterday turned out to be quite the test for me as a photographer. Since I was the main person coordinating the shoot, I wanted to pick a type of location that I hadn't ever photographed before. Something unique for me. A new challenge. So I had contacted Raina and Mike, who own The Lake Lounge houseboat in Kelowna, and they were happy to help out and give us the use of their boat for the night. The weather man was saying there would be clouds, which was a little disappointing for me, as I was dreaming of the sunset light pouring into the boat, but if it's just clouds... I'll take it!

6pm finally came, and not only were there clouds, but there was prairie-like wind whipping off the lake. And then a sprinkling of rain, and then a lot more rain. My heart was sinking by the minute, and also feeling like it was going to leap out of my chest. I had asked all these fabulous wedding vendors to come and help me with this shoot, and now we're all out in the cold and the rain!

I can feel myself getting a little mushy again, so I'll apologize beforehand, but I feel like I need to share how incredible everyone was last night. Even though earlier in the day I was whining to my hubby about not having my go-to assistant with me, as it turned out, I couldn't have picked a more supportive, helpful, talented and AMAZING team to work with.

Christina J from Classic Creations Floral Design walked over water earlier in the week to make sure we had exactly what we needed for the shoot today in regards to florals. Not only did we have flowers, but we had the most GORGEOUS and perfect flowers for this shoot. Thank you C.

Sandrine from Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate gave us these amazing macarons for our table, and were so perfectly colored for the palette of colors we were working with.

Our models, Chisa and Mark, could not have been more perfect for this shoot. Chisa is this completely stunning girl who is a dancer by trade. She rocked out her wedding dress in the cold like nobody else. They stayed until I said I was done, and not a minute sooner. Thank you for your patience...

The Lake Lounge, even though we had the rain and the wind, was such an amazing locale. It has tons of covered areas that we were able to deak under and still get some incredible images. Mike was so helpful with moving furniture and fulfilling any requests I had to make the shoot run smoothly. Dream location and amazing owners.

I had the helping hands of Laura McKinley, another photographer from town who was there to literally help with whatever was necessary. Thank you Laura for your time and being my 'on-call' girl.

Jenny McKinney and her blue suede shoes came out and did such a perfect job on Chisa's make-up. Chisa looked glamorous, romantic and completely perfect. Jenny set up on the top of the boat to make sure she got the right light while doing the make-up, but that meant she had to work through the wind and the cold. And then she stayed to make sure Chisa's make-up looked perfect throughout the shoot. She was my cheerleader for the night and I am so thankful for the positive energy she brings with her wherever she goes.

And then there's Yuriko from Vintage Origami. I went to Yuriko with the color palette I was hoping for. She took the ideas I had in my head, and then made them into reality, while making them so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. She and her assistant/husband Erik were my watchers of the flowers, making sure they didn't tip over in the wind. Yuriko would pop in and quickly fix unruly hair that the wind was playing with, she would make sure fabric was perfect, flowers were perfect. She was my perfection-fairy, and I can honestly say, with her ideas and her vast supply of beautiful things, can make dreams a reality.

I have one shot to share today, and I think it shows that with the right team, you can always find 'the beautiful'.