the bedard family

I can't tell you how much I am in love with this set of photographs. This family has such a special place in my heart, and I am so very thankful they asked me to create these portraits for them. Let me start from the very beginning... many moons ago, I met a boy named Ryan. I found him to be very, very cute. After only a few weeks of hanging out, Ry asked me if I wanted to meet him for some dancing at his cousin Tina's wedding. Of course, I said yes. Not only do I love weddings, but I love dancing! And what I found out that night as I danced hand in hand with Ryan, is that I loved him too. That was the first night I realized I loved this man, and it was all because of Tina and Ron's beautiful wedding....

Here we are 8.5 years later, and I now get to call these people MY family. I have watched them grow as a family and have seen their love grow bigger and bigger... if that's even possible. Ella has just turned 5, Mitchell is 16 and driving, and Ron and Tina are still so supportive of each other and as you can see by these photos, love to be in each others' arms.

And Tina didn't want to miss out on having her mother with us for these photos. Jeanette is someone I consider to be a living, breathing angel. She is a confident, beautiful, loving woman. I only hope that I can live my life with even a sliver of the grace that she carries through life.

With no further ado... the bedard family.Bedard 2

Bedard 1  Bedard 4 Bedard 5 Bedard-Bedard 6  Bedard 12 Bedard 16A little blue-steel ridiculous-ness! Bedard- 1 Bedard- 3 Bedard- 5 Bedard- 6 Bedard- 8 Bedard- 9 Bedard- 10 Bedard- 13 Bedard- 15