the hunt

Have you ever hunted for something? Sometimes I feel like I'm in the land of plenty. Never really having to work too hard to find what I need (admittedly, when I say sometimes, I really mean hardly ever!). And most times, I have this growl in the pit of my stomach, sending me out into the wild in search of something to quench my hunger. And when I think about it, I am glad that I am often hungry and hunting. What would life be if we just 'got' everything we needed? Boring, that's what.

Lately, I have been hunting hard. I have been hunting for that passage that will lead me to my goals. Let me tell you, that is one hard path to find! But I chose my goals not because I thought they were easy, but because they challenge who I am, and what I will become. I want to become something great. Something worth writing about...

So, as I continue my search, I have a few shoulders to lean on, a few inspirational books to read, and some learning to put behind me.

Thank you to Seth Godin, creator of the book, Purple Cow. Read it, loved it. But I think I'm going to be a pink cow, if that's alright with you.

Thank you to my husband, for being the shoulder…always.

And thank you to manuals, because if you actually take the time to read them, I guarantee, you will learn something you didn't already know.