the perfect gift

Brides and grooms often struggle on what to give each other as a wedding gift. Everyone want to give something meaningful and something that will last. Something that will bring back the memories of such an important day in each other's lives. Something that says how much she loves him. How much he loves her. Something perfect. Something, something, something... A woman's body is a beautiful thing. We are all blessed with a unique body, that comes with its own story. It's own shape, it's own curves. And what better gift to wrap it up in a bow and give that to the love of our life.

This past spring, I had the opportunity to photograph my first official boudoir shoot, and I absolutely loved it. This bride-to-be was stunning. We went to The Lindon House in Kelowna and borrowed their beautiful home as our backdrop. My B-to-be brought a few of her bridal items (veil, garter, shoes, hair-piece) and we had a lot of fun creating some images that she could give to her groom as a token of the woman she is. Sexy, beautiful, and all his!

I'm only going to give you a taste, as most of these photos are for his eyes only, but to all you brides out there who are thinking of what to give your groom, I urge you to truly consider this. Simple and completely you.

This shoot was a bride to a groom, BUT, these shoots are not just for us women to give to men. These photo shoots are about us. About the beauty and power that is in each and every one of us. A gift to ourselves. An experience that every woman should have... for we are all worth photographing just as we are. Beautiful.