the video

I have been patiently (or as my husband would say, very UN-patiently) waiting for this week to arrive. Let me explain. This past spring, I was beginning to think about how to create a better online presence for my clients. Finding a way for them to feel confident in knowing who they are choosing for their wedding photography. I went to the table and brainstormed, and along this path I had pondered the idea of a video. Yeow… nope. Too scary. Me? On video? Sheesh…

Just for kicks, I e-mailed Tim of Limelight Studios in Kelowna, and asked him what he thought of the idea of a video to tell a mini story on our business. Well, we chatted off and on about it over the summer, and this fall, we turned this crazy, scary idea into reality. I am so, so happy with how it turned out!

So, with no further ado, I am oh, so so excited to present, Paperclip Collective's first ever promo video!

And I know I talked about the amazingness of the other vendors already, but I cannot help but re-hash how much I appreciate all of them.

Yuriko from Vintage Origami, you are amazing! Christina from Classic Creations Floral Design, so talented, it hurts! Melissa Craven – Makeup Artist, truly an artist. The Lindon House, thank you thank you! Tim from Limelight Studios, rockstar.

Our models, Raina and Mike. Ahh, I just love you guys. Thank you.

My brother, Joel, thank you for all your help, and of course, my partner Christina, you were such a support through a crazy day! And my other brother Mark, for giving us some sweet music for the video. You can check out more of Mark's work at Last Night Soundtrack.

If you have not checked out the images from the style-shoot, check them out HERE!