Those special moments

In a woman's life, there are many pivotal moments that make up the puzzle that is our journey... The beautiful thing about each one of us, is that all of our paths and all of our pieces are unique to us. Yes, we may share the same 'type' of moment, but I don't believe any moment can be the same as another. They all have their own history, their own challenges, their own joys... I've been looking through some of my portrait sessions, and I came across this one, which made my heart strings 'ping'. I loved creating these photos for this couple as they were entering into their final moments before parent-hood. I have to admit, maternity sessions are some of my favorite kind of sessions. Those few weeks prior to having your little baby enter the world, seems like such a unique time. There is excitement, happiness, fear, joy, pain, anxiousness.... pretty much every emotion under the sun.

To all you pregnant, beautiful, tired momma's to be, don't forget about photographing this time of your life. So special, and so, so beautifully unique to you.

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LJ- 18

LJ 333 - Version 2