'tis the season

I love Christmas. Ry and I went to Starbucks this past weekend just for an hour or so. He did his homework, and I began reading a Seth Godin book, Linchpin. And I will definitely write a little review on the book another time, but this post...this post is about Christmas. And it all started with a gingerbread latte and the jazzy, Christmas music playing in the background. Since Ryan and I live out in the sticks, whenever I get the chance to go and sit in a coffee shop and just enjoy the hum of the laid-back 'busy-ness', I am in heaven. I sink deep into a book or writing in my journal. I curl up between the arm rests of the chair and just let my mind relax. And it is the cherry on top of my sundae when I get to go with Ryan. Me doing my thing and him doing his, but we're doing them 'together'.

We also went out and hunted down our tree! As per usual, my eyes were bigger than our 'living room'. Once we got the tree home, we realized it needed a haircut if it was going to fit inside the house! So we pulled out our shears, and gave it a solid trim.

For now, in the afternoons when I sit and brainstorm about my business in the front room, I curl up with my tea and stare at our lovely green tree. It's not technically a Christmas tree yet because it has no decorations on it yet. I'm saving that bundle of joy for this weekend!

And lastly on a Christmas-y note, if you are trying to think of a Christmas prezzie for someone special, maybe the perfect gift is a little GC for a portrait session!E-mail me for the details on how to get yours!