For those who don't already know of this amazing product, and even for those who do, and nice reminder never hurts!TOMS. The shoe company. This is a shoe that admittedly, I do not own yet. BUT, in approximately one week, I will have my very first pair show up on my doorstep via the delivery guy. If you are also one of the unlucky who do not own a pair of TOMS, go check out their website now!

Not only is this shoe super crazy comfortable and cute, but this company makes a deal with you. Every time you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone in need of a solid pair of shoes. And personally, I can't think of a cooler way of selling a product.

Here is a sample photo courtesy of their website of some of the sweet styles.

And if you a girl who can't get enough heel, they even have a pair for you! The wedge.

And wedding peeps? Don't feel left out, because they make a sparkly white pair special for the big day.