very excited

Last week Ryan began school. Again. And this means he was away from home 1 night last week. And as much as I miss him when he is gone, it often pushes me to journal into the night.And journal I did. What ended up coming out on the pages were the things I loved about 2011, and the things I look forward to most about 2012.

The top five things I loved about 2011? Well, it is tough to choose, because it was such an amazing year, but here goes…

1.Our trips. We were lucky to go on two mega trips this year. Spain (love love loved Spain) and Hawaii (which was so fun). 2. Photographing eight amazing weddings this summer. 3. The TC beach time. Whenever Ry and I needed some down time, we headed over to the beach near my parents house and just chilled out. It was ahhmazing. 4. My first time playing the great Canadian game of hockey. 5. Our 2nd anniversary dinner outside on the porch. I made a slideshow of our wedding photos. The emotions were heavy, but heavenly. 5.5. My last twenty-something birthday. Mainly because it was my last twenty-something birthday ever… (tears are beginning to well up…)

And now to the new year. Here are some of the things I am most excited about for 2012!

1. My 30th birthday. Even though it sounds a little daunting, I am excited for what this new number will bring. 2. Looking to shoot twice as many weddings this summer, and I am happily on my way! 3. A trip to Vegas, baby! 4. My sister's wedding, of course! 5. 3rd anniversary photos! Ryan doesn't know yet, but it's gonna happen. We never had engagement photos, so that is my reasoning why we deserve them. 5.5. The purchase of a new camera bag. I've got my eye on a Kelly Moore bag. I luuuv her bags. Cute and functional! 5.8. A fun fondue night with Ry. Not sure if it's gonna be chocolate or cheese, but either way, it's going to be deadly good.