wedding weekend

This weekend was THE weekend of the summer for us. With not just one fabulous wedding, but three. There are two reasons why I was able to make it through such a busy weekend (and it was no thanks to Mother Nature, who decided to give us a heat wave this weekend). First: I adore my job. I love what I do, and I feel lucky to do to what I do. Between the rush of prepping the bride, to the tears, to the laughter, to the unexpected twists and romantic moments, I love to be the person documenting one of the most important days in a person's life. Second reason, is my support. Ryan and I are coming up on our third anniversary this weekend, and I don't think I can express how much he gives me on a wedding day. He is my shoulder to lean on, he is my bag holder, he is my errand-man, he is my second shooter. He is everything that I simply cannot be. So thank you to Ryan for being my rock on Saturday and Sunday! But, this past friday, Ry was unable to be there, so I had an AMAZING fill-in for the day, Amy from IvenKaye Photographics. Thank you Amy, you rocked it like nobody's business!

Here is a little sneak of the fabulous three couples that I was lucky enough to spend my weekend with. Every day was so unique and so filled with love, I wouldn't have had this weekend any other way.