When you need a break!

What do you do when you don't have the time, but you desperately need to 'get away'? You go! And that is what we did. Ry and I escaped for 1 night to the hills of Apex, and was it ever worth it! We weren't sure if we were going to even get there, as we were passing cars on the way up with their bumper was on one side of the road, and the car on the other. Lots and lots of snow, and lots and lots of ice. But our little silver bullet made it up the icy roads so we could take in an amazing day of skiing. Great snow, quiet lifts, and an extra tasty lunch! Mmmm...

We booked a cute little hotel room for the night, so we made sure to take advantage of the outdoor hot tub and local watering hole. We even found an outdoor fire that we snuggled around while the Canucks game played through the restaurant windows!

It was a perfect Saturday, followed by a perfect Sunday, where Ry took me skating on their 1km wilderness skating loop! And we all know how much I love skating!

Just to start the week off right, here is the evidence of a great, restful but action-packed weekend! Thanks Apex for the perfect snowy weekend! xo

The 1km wilderness skating loop

So excited to go skating!

Ryan trying to show me up with his backward skating skills

Me trying to show Ry up with a jazzy-skating pose! Not dorky, at all...

"If you do, your dead'...so he controlled himself and lived to see another day

Happy Monday!